FMR Machining Capabilities
FMR Machining Capabilities
FMR Machining Capabilities
CNC Lathe
Conventional Mill
Conventional Lathe

Machining Capabilities

FMR has the equipment needed to provide you with professional machining services. With our state-of-the-art mills and lathes, every machining job is produced for our customers using superior tools and quality craftsmanship.

At FMR we will always deliver work that meets your standards of excellence, as well as our own.

Our climate controlled and clean work environment machine shop manufactures jobs of our own design or to that of the customer’s design. We have the capability to do one-piece prototypes, production runs of thousands of parts or any quantity in between.

We provide service for a wide variety of markets, including oilfield, offshore, drilling, general industrial, mining and others. We routinely work with materials such as carbon steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, exotic alloys, plastics, hot roll and cold roll. We stock a wide range of these materials so we can respond quickly to special rush orders.

Machining Facilities List

CNC Machining Centers

Horizontal Boring Mill Toshiba Model BTD-13F.R22
Spindle diameter: 5.1”
Table load capacity: 22,000 lbs
118.1” x 90.5” x 63.0”

Horizontal Boring Mill Toshiba Model BP-150-R22
Spindle diameter: 5.9”
Table load capacity: 44,000 lbs
140.0” x 90.0” x 60.0”

Vertical Milling Center Mazak Model VTC-200/50
Table load capacity: 1,760 lbs
6,000 RPM
24 tool changer capacity
Mazatrol 640 Fusion control
44.1” x 20.0” x 20.0”

Vertical Milling Center Cincinnati Model CFV-800i
Table load capacity: 1,650 lbs
12,500 RPM
21 tool changer capacity
Fanuci 18MB control
31.5” x 21.3” x 22.0”

NC Machining Center

Vertical Mill Alliant
Table load capacity: 750 lbs
Rotary capacity: 9.0” dia. chuck; 2.0” dia. bore
25.5” x 12.0” x 16.0”

CNC Turning Centers

Vertical Turret Lathe Ballard (VTL)
4-Jaw Chuck: 86.0”
Swing: 98.0”; Under the Rail: 92.0”; Ram Stroke: 71.0”
Full enclosure with chip conveyor system
13 tool changer capacity

CNC Lathe Mazak Slant Turn 60N
Swing over bed: 36.0”
Chucking maximum: 28.8”
Swing over carriage: 26.0”
Spindle bore: 6.5”
Distance between centers: 80.0”
Mazatrol 640 Fusion control

CNC Lathe Mazak Slant Turn 450 Swing over bed: 26.0”
Chucking maximum: 12.5”
Swing over carriage: 22.0”
Spindle bore: 3.5”
Distance between centers: 42.0”
Mazatrol 640 Fusion control

CNC Programming Capabilities

  • Master Cam X3
  • Predator CNC
  • Cimco DNC Max Editor V-5

Manual Milling

Vertical Kingston Mill
Table size: 10.0 x 50.0”
36.0” x 15.5” x 16.0”

Vertical Bridgeport Mill
Table size: 9.0 x 48.0”
Digital readout – three axis
30.0” x 11.0” x 16.0”

Manual Lathes

Kingston Model 34
Spindle bore: 4.0”
Distance between centers: 120.0”
Digital readout – two axis
34.0” x 25.1” x 45.6”

Kingston Model 2290
Spindle bore: 4.0”
Distance between centers: 90.0”
Digital readout – two axis
22.0” x 13.0” x 30.8”

Kingston Model 2260
Spindle bore: 4.0”
Distance between centers: 60.0”
Digital readout – two axis
22.0” x 13.0” x 30.8”

Additional Machine Shop Equipment

Speroni Magis 400 Pre-setter
50 mm tooling pre-setter
Up to 13.0” tooling O.D.
Up to 16.0” tooling length

Kaiser Modular Boring System
.75” to 24.0” diameter boring

Sterling Gundrill
.437 to 1.5” diameter x 48.0” length

Harig surface grinder
6.0” x 12.0”

D.C. Morrison Keyseater
1.50” keyway width
9.0” keyway length
Table load capacity: 1,500 lbs.
Table size: 24.0” x 27.0”

Wellsaw – horizontal band saw
Round capacity: 11.0”
Flat capacity: 14.0”
Rectangular capacity: 8.0” x 14.0”

Vanguard – horizontal band saw
Flat capacity: 18.0”

Dake hydraulic press
5 ton capacity

Sparkman hydraulic press
20 ton capacity