Quality Assurance

Commitment to unsurpassed quality and dedication to customer service has remained the foundation of FMR's success. We are extremely proud of the quality record we have established. We can’t mention enough about the fact that quality is our foremost concern at every phase of the operation. From the design phase through shipping our goal is zero defects and on time delivery ever time.

FMR is committed to ensure its' customers are fully satisfied by providing quality to both service and all products produced. Our implemented quality system has shown to be effective in the control of quality products and service.

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FMR has an established process that for every job order, inspection reports are performed on incoming material, during manufacturing, and then final inspection reports are performed before the product is shipped. These inspection reports are provided to the customer and maintained on file for quality assurance. We fully expect to exceed our customer's expectations every time.

Following is a listing of some of the inspection equipment that we use at FMR. All of our inspection equipment/tools are on a regular calibration/certification schedule.

Inspection capabilities (partial list)
  • Mitutoyo Digital Height Gage: 0 – 38 inch
  • Precision Granite Table: 48 x 72 inch
  • Precision Granite V-Blocks
  • Mitutoyo O.D Micrometers 0 - 42 inch
  • Sherr Tumico O.D Micrometers: 42 – 60 inch
  • Starrett I.D Micrometers 1.5 - 40 inch
  • Starrett I.D. Micrometers: 6 – 87 inch
  • Bore DiaTest (Bore Gauge) .165 - .394
  • Mitutoyo (Bore Gauge) .44 - .720
  • Mitutoyo (Bore Gauge) .70 - 6 inch
  • Mitutoyo Digital Calipers: up to 40 inch
  • Mitutoyo Verniers: 60 inch & 82 inch
  • Digital Depth Micrometers: 0 – 16 inch
  • Starrett Blade Micrometers: 0 – 8 inch
  • Mitutoyo Gage Block Set Grade B, traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Phase II PHT-4000 Digital Hardness Tester
  • Mitutoyo Surface Tester
  • Precision Ground Thread Plug Gauge
  • Gauge Maker I.D Groove Indicator